Mervat Rishmawi - Human Rights Consultant: Research, Training and Policy Analysis
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 I am a Palestinian human rights specialist, working on human rights in the Middle East and North Africa. I am based in London.I work in both English and Arabic.

I carry out work in three areas:
  • Research and policy analysis, with specific focus on international human rights law, and engagement with international and regional mechanisms. I am passionate about producing material that supports civil society's work, to enable actors be better informed of developments and to use human rights law and mechanisms. This includes producing resource manuals, studies, research and analyses, etc
  • NGO and project evaluation, needs assessment, and strategy development
  • Teaching, training and lecturing in the field of human rights law and international human rights mechanisms.

  • Special human rights areas of interest: women's rights (including the WPS Agenda); economic and social rights, the 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda; children's rights; the death penalty; and prevention of torture and ill-treatment.

My most recent news:
  • Finalished drafting a Resource Manual on the 2030 Development Agenda on Sustainable Development, to be published by the Arab NGO Network fro Development (ANND), 

  • Started working on a study for UN ESCWA on Resilience of National Women Machineries in situations of Conflict, Transition and Occupation in the Arab Region.  

  • Preparing teaching for the third year a distance learning course on “Engagement in Human Rights”, as part of an M.A degree in Governance and Human Rights, Leuphana Professional School, Luneburg University, Germany. 

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Mervat Rishmawi, MENA human rights consultant, MENA strategic planning, MENA needs assessment and training

"Mervat Rishmawi worked with the Arab Regional Office of the Open Society Foundations for approximately five years, initially as a consultant and then as Senior Policy Analyst. Her main focus was to strengthen the engagement of civil society with the League of Arab States. Mervat demonstrated mastery and in depth understanding of the human rights concerns and needs of the MENA region and intimate knowledge and network of organizations working on socio-economic and political developments across the MENA region. She is the go-to expert on the League of Arab States and its human rights standards and mechanisms. We benefitted greatly from Mervat’s experience and networks in the development of our strategy in the Arab Region, particularly in relation to the League of Arab States – a project she conceptualized and spearheaded in its formative stages." 
(Open Society Foundations, Arab Regional Office)

“Mervat has a unique knowledge of the legal and socio-political dynamics in the Middle East. Her legal and on-the-ground experiences with Palestinian, Arab and International NGOs working on the Middle East qualifies her to be one of the unique international experts on both civil and political as well as economic, social and cultural rights pertaining to this region.
(Cairo Institute for Human Rights Studies, Egypt)

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